outdoor blinds in Adelaide

Why Are Outdoor Blinds in Adelaide Suddenly Becoming Popular?

Outdoor blinds are a preferred window treatment option.

Outdoor blinds are a sensible way to safeguard your patio or deck from the elements, and they can also provide privacy and shade on hot summer days. But why are they suddenly becoming so popular?

There are a few reasons for this. 

According to Mikaela Smith of Adelaide’s Funky Exteriors, one of the main reasons is that people are becoming more mindful of the many gains of outdoor blinds. “People are starting to realise that outdoor blinds aren’t just for keeping the sun out,” she says. “They can also provide privacy, protect your furniture from the weather, and even help to keep your home cool in summer.”

Another reason for the popularity of outdoor blinds in Adelaide is that more options are now available than ever. “There are so many unique styles, colours, and materials to choose from,” says Smith. “And with new technology, such as UV-resistant fabrics, they’re more durable than ever.”

More Than Just Aesthetics

For Jimmy Christensen of Home Plus Blinds, the popularity of outdoor blinds is about more than aesthetics. “People come to be increasingly health conscious, and they realise the importance of protecting themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays,” he says. “Outdoor blinds can do that while providing privacy and shade.”

Christensen also believes that the current economic climate is playing a role in the popularity of outdoor blinds. “With the cost of living soaring, families are looking for ways to save money,” he says. “Outdoor blinds can help with that by keeping your home cooler in summer, which means you won’t have to use the air conditioner as much.”

The window treatment industry is evolving rapidly, and outdoor blinds are just one of the many products that are becoming more popular. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s look and save money simultaneously, outdoor blinds in Adelaide might be the perfect solution.

One particular argument is that outdoor blinds could save you money on air-conditioning costs in the summer.

In Australia, window treatments are a $1.3 billion industry, growing at 4% annually. It is primarily driven by new product development and innovation, as well as an increased awareness of the many benefits that window treatments can offer.

Talk to any home improvement contractor or even a builder, and you’ll get the same explanation – that outdoor blinds are one of the most popular products installed in new homes and renovations.

If you haven’t installed one, it’s high time you do. Consider it as an investment rather than an expense. It’s not like you’re buying a new car or a boat. You’re simply outfitting your home with an amenity that can save you money and improve your quality of life.

Even if you have never given it a second thought, the truth is that outdoor blinds can make a huge difference to your home. Not only do they keep the sun out, but they can also provide privacy, protect your furniture from the weather, and even help to keep your home cool in summer.